Team-based approach to property management

What is a team-based approach to property management?

How it works

Experts in each field
Every piece of our property management service has its own dedicated team of experts.

Intelligent routing for every issue
Tasks are immediately routed to the relevant team member to resolve.

One true view of your property
Our proprietary tech ensures our whole team has complete visibility on what’s going on with your property, so nothing slips through the cracks

Faster responses

Nothing slips through the cracks. Our smart tech enables our team of experts to solve your problems faster. 90% of messages are answered within 12 hours.

Specialized solutions

Specialization means the right person takes care of the right issue, every time. Once you submit a task, it is automatically routed to the relevant team.

There when you need us

Our team is there for you & your tenants well past business hours. Holidays or staff turnover will never get in the way of our consistent & reliable service.

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