Video Game Programming with Unity. Online Course.

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VIDEO GAME PROGRAMMING WITH UNITY. 36 weeks course for teens 14 -18 years old.

Course prerequisites: Game Creation Course.


Unity is one of the most popular game engines out there and has been used to make several AAA games and high-quality indie games, but it still manages to be very beginner-friendly.
During this Unity course, we’ll discover how to use the core features of the software while creating our very first game. We’ll start out by learning how to properly create a new project and how to manage our game assets.

This is a 36 weeks hands-on course about designing, building, and publishing simple video games.
Participants will learn about video game creation using the Unity game engine,  3D digital object creation, video game design, and small team management.

By the end of this Unity training, you’ll not only have created a complete game that you can share with your friends, but you’ll have all of the knowledge you need to begin your grand adventure with Unity.

Graphic Design for Teens Course

When making a game, one of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing the framework you’ll use. Be it a custom engine, a generic framework or a drag-and-drop editor, you’ll always need to take in consideration what kind of game you want to make and what platforms you’ll be deploying to.
In this course, we’ll take a look at the Unity engine: we’ll discuss its pros and cons, its basic workflow and its best usage cases.

Who this course is for:

The course is perfect for children 13 – 18 years old with no previous knowledge of Graphic design who love computers and interested in advertising and graphic design

 How does it work:

Using professional Graphic Design Software, this course teaches how to create brochures,  posters, advertising, logos. Following step-by-step explanations from instructors, kids will get a real introduction in one of the most prestigious and well-paid careers.


Tuition is $59.00 per week.


School students from 13 to 18 years old.

Students must have a laptop with a Windows operation system and bring it to class.

Course prerequisites: 


Start time:

Summer courses from June 1, 2020, to August 24. 12 weeks total

Regular courses from October 1, 2020 to June 2021. 24 weeks total.

The number of students:

6 – 8 students per class.

Two teachers per class.

1:5 ratio

1:5 ratio Teacher to Student ratio, or better. All instructors are police-checked,  triple-reference checked and highly trained.

Certificate of Course Completion

Upon completion of a course, a Certificate will be issued. A course completion certificate says you have attended all the classes required, pass all the tests required and handed in all the work required.

Students complete the program with a professional portfolio. Teens Computer School also provides the graduates with assistance on portfolio and resume preparation for future education in colleges or Universities.


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What Students Learn

Unity and the power of programming as a tool

Syntax and how it is interpreted

Game design processes

Game Mechanics & Assets



World Building

Character Design

2D & 3D Design



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Four different course study options available.
Choose that better suits your needs:





(Weekend sessions are available in Toronto and Saint John)

*3 Month Minimum payment to begin the Course. 


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How our online class works

1. You choose the time and day convenient for you during the week.

2. You are registered in this class.

3. You get access to training course materials. Among them: presentations, videos, step-by-step instructions for each week.

  3. During a meeting with a teacher in a virtual classroom, you see on your screen how to carry out the next project.

4. You hear the teacher’s explanation and can ask questions.

5. You can communicate with the teacher using the messenger and quickly get an answer to any question.

 6. During the lesson you will be able to show your project to the teacher and other students and see the projects of your fellow students.

 7. You can take tests in our virtual classroom and see your grades.

8. After completing the course, you will get your Certificate on a mail.

9. Many study projects are real projects from Canadian or American companies.
 10. The most successful projects will be placed in our school’s virtual gallery.


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 Course Registration

Registration for regular school year classes has been closed because we have reached the maximum number of registrations for 2019 – 2020 school year.

Registration is OPEN NOW for Summer Course and for 2020 – 2021 School year.

Please read below

 Summer Course

Summer course is designed for 12 weeks. (June – August, 2020)
Summer classes will be held at the main office of Teens Computer School in Saint John Uptown and Toronto Downtown.

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 Regular Course:

Regular course is designed for 36 weeks and run during the school year (October 2020 – July 2021).
Regular classes will be held at the main office of Teens Computer School in Saint John Uptown and Toronto Downtown.

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Classes are held ones a week in Saint John Uptown & Toronto Downtown. Each class – two lessons of 45 minutes each.



If you live in Toronto or Saint John, then you can sign up for our in-class courses.

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If you live anyware in a planet Earth,  then you can sign up for our online courses.

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Check our calendar for classes schedule


Do you like drawing more than a computer? Then go here to our art school page

Don`t live in Toronto or Saint John? Then read about our online option Here

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