Teens computer school - your first step to gaming industry

Teens computer school – your first step to gaming industry

Many parents choose to send their children to work and learn through the hard lessons of an 8.00$ an hour job how valuable time and money really are. Others, simply give-in and hope that with age their children will become more aware and understanding of their spending limits. However, those of you who came to this web page are confident that there are other ways to challenge your children’s limited perspective on cash. You are the kind of parents that believe that instead of restraining youngsters from spending and forcing them to work hard for little pay, one needs to encourage them to become exceptionally good at something and be rewarded for it fairly, regardless of their age.

Here, at the Teens Computer School, we want to help you and your children achieve just that. Did you know that your child could make as much as $100.000 on an annual basis with the right training in the right industry? Moreover, the best part is; all you need is a computer and some expert lessons and your teenager is ready to face the lucrative world of professional Web design. Just image saying: “my child recently designed the web page for the bakery around the corner”. The statement seems out of proportion, but the truth is, today the fewest businesses survive without the interactive global outlet known as the Internet. No matter if you own your own business or are a consumer, by now every one of us has been confronted with the visually entertaining Web pages on the screen. The great news is, with each and every day this network continues to grow and needs creative and innovative young mind to maintain and improve it!

Not convinced yet, simply log on to, and see for yourself the forecast on web design and it’s prosperous future. With an average pay of $ 23.60 per hour a current web designer is far better of that a typical worker in other disciplines who is expected to make an approximate $18.00 per hour. With an early start in this profession of Web design, the hourly amount will also increase with advanced years of experience. Hence, from a clean office job to complete independence, web design offers endless financial and personal growth possibilities.

Just looking at such names as Markus Frind from Vancouver, and his mega hit web site, which is bringing in close to $15.000 a day for the creator, you might just want to become a Web designer yourself! Another success story, not too far from here, comes from London, Ontario. The story is about a ten –year- old boy by the name of Keith Peiris, who became the youngest CEO in the world. He developed “Cyberteks Design” which is a virtual studio of web-design and Internet Commerce. Keith’s income in the year of 2000 was $ 110.000. Moreover, the former prime minister of Canada, Jean Chretien, took Keith on an international business trip as a representative of trade and foreign exchange.

We say, your child or teenager can be just as successful with the right training and support. Currently, we offer a newly created course in Teens Computer School for the ages between 13 and 17, with the focus on Web Design and Flash Animation. This course encompasses the creation of simple web sites, as well as the use of HTML and CSS. We further focus on the basics of animation and 3D design. The first part of the course is spread over eight month and covers the introduction and leads into the intermediate level of web design. After that, in the month of October of next year, the sequence continues and covers the advanced and super advanced levels of Web design and Flash.

Upon completion of both parts of this learning sequence, participants will be able to design complex web pages, including interactive layouts based on Flash animation. With these skills, your teenagers will surely not be selling ice cream or flipping burgers at the neighborhood bar during the next holiday season or summer break. Instead, your child will be able to either assist at an established design company, or even complete independent assignments at home. In order to get your youngsters started, we provide the opportunity to get paid for extraordinary projects during the study period.

The only thing left to do is: get registered and get started! Do not delay your registration since space is limited and the selection for the Teens Computer School has already began. Information on our programs and other registration details can be found on Our Courses Section of our web site.

We hope to see you soon!
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