E-learning. Online courses

Online courses for 14 – 18 years old 

Can’t find a daytime or evening class to meet your hectic schedule?
Teens Computer School offers web-based online courses for high school students to give you the convenience you need, all that is required is access to a computer with an internet connection.
Teens School online courses for high school students are specifically designed for students who have a busy life and live far from our campuses.

Online courses are completely unlike most correspondence courses where you’re forced to learn the material on their own using a textbook and send assignments through the mail. Instead, our online courses for high school students are interactive and rely on numerous methods of teaching the subject matter, those of which include:
– PowerPoint lectures with audio & graphics
– YouTube videos lessons
– Discussion board topics to interact with fellow students
– Various activities and assignments sent directly to your instructor for feedback
– Online quizzes which are immediately graded and posted
– Video and audio conferences with the instructor
– Numerous web-based resources

Why E-Learning?
E-learning and online courses in a computer since is an effective training system that has been popular around the world for years.
E-learning is convenient, highly-effective, and a modern study method. If you choose online courses at Teens Computer School you can study computer since at your own pace and convenience in the comfort of your home. The online program provides you with an opportunity to continue your other computer since studies. During your online courses at Teens Computer School, your personal instructor will work with you individually, critiquing your assignments and making suggestions.

Computer School and Project-Based Online Courses for Kids and Teens

Game Creation Online Course
Web Design and  Animation
Minecraft Moding and programming
online course
2D and 3D Animation
Online Course
Multimedia Design
Online Course
and Web Design
Fashion Design
and Techniques online course
Video Editing
and Composing
New Combined Course Available now! Includes 3 On-line lessons on the internet and one individual lesson a month in the classroom or in student place. $ 269.00 + HST




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